The flower shop directory was designed with both Florists and flower buyers in mind. This online florist directory has numerous advantages for both the floral consumer as well as flower shop owners.

The florist directory allows flower buyers to increase their purchasing power by easily contacting a local florist direct, thus cutting out unnecessary middleman service charges and wire fees. Gone are the days where floral consumers need to rely on a nation-wide wire service. The flower-shop wire services provided a legitimate service several years ago before the internet boom, when floral consumers relied on them to transmit their floral orders long distances.  With today's technology, and the internet,  consumers are able avoid the inflated costs of working through these third parties. By contacting the real florists direct, consumers will not only save money and increase their purchasing power, but also have the ability to talk to and deal directly with the real florist who is actually filling the order. When the floral consumers are able to contact the flower shop directly, they also decrease the chance of several errors, such as unacceptable substitutions, flower arrangements being delivered on the wrong date or time, monetary errors, or even having their flowers unknowingly drop-shipped, exposed to temperature and climate extremes, or left on the porch to freeze or bake in the hot sun.

Real flower shop owners can also provide better customer service to the floral consumers,  while increasing profit margins, and still deliver  higher quality and higher value floral arrangement to the consumers. It is becoming critical that real florists ban together to educate the public with regard to fake internet based florists and order gatherers, who provide no real service, and destroy confidence within the floral community.  One of the greatest advantages that real florist will realize with this directory is that only one florist will be listed per city (with exception to very large cities).  This prevents the need of any florist listed in the directory from having to purchase a premium or oversized ad to get noticed.  All florists  subscribing to this  directory will have a hyper-link dircting the customer to their site. This business model can help eliminate the need for florists to use the national wire services. Florists should not have to pay for a service in order to receive discounted orders! With the directory, flower buyers will contact the florist direct and the florist will receive 100% of the order value.