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Please read our Policies and Terms of Service Agreement below to continue.

Florists requesting to be included, in the directory will be listed in the directory on a month-to-month subscription basis. A listing consists of a hyper-link from our directory  (searchable by State and City) to the florists web-site.  The owner of this directory will take reasonable steps to research and determine that all websites  being linked to from this site, are indeed real florists. We will also take reasonable steps to not accept submissions by fake florists and order gatherers. To help increase the effectiveness of each flowershops link, this directory will limit the number of florists per city, in many cases just one florist . Exceptions will be in  large cities, whereas a single florist is unable to service the entire city. We will then take reasonable steps to list only enough florists to cover that particular city. If the desired city is not listed  in the directory, or is already taken, florists can email us to have the new city added, or inquire about an exception for larger cities.  Florists receiving excessive complaints will not be offered a chance to renew, nor will Florists found to be engaged in unethical business practices, or not personally fulfilling orders on a consistent basis in the city  they claim to service.  At this time the cost of a monthly listing is $5.00, but may be subject to change.  Transactions will be processed securely though Papal and the recurring monthy charge will continue until we recieve a cancelation notiice, Any personal information received will not be shared or sold with any third party and will only be used to conduct business with the subscribing florists or business owners.
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